Friday, July 30, 2010

Watch out for the mad biologist!

One of my favorite webcomics is Gunnerkrigg Court. It's a mixed fantasy, SF, and school story with some characters who are pretty badass for their apparent age (middle/high school). Antimony and Kat, the two main characters, play a crucial, growing role in trying to preserve peace and increase cooperation between their school (the Court) and the adjacent forest -- but they're also just two girls capering in a world that's often a lot bigger than they realize. It's framed as technology versus magic/divinity, but I have a feeling it runs a lot deeper than that.

I highly recommend reading it, even though it starts out just a little slow -- the 'real' threads start soon enough.

But why am I highlighting it now? I'm super excited, because in among all the magicians and mad roboticists, I think we may have our first mad biologist character.

Should I say that again? Mad. Biologist. Character.


Err, I would totally include a small click-to-embiggen preview image of the comic, but I can't figure out how to make Blogger do that. I have been thinking of migrating to Wordpress...

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