Monday, January 7, 2008


You might have noticed the shiny new section in the sidebar. Yes, I finally got around to making a blogroll.

...Well, more like a catalog of the RSS feeds I follow. Everything in that list is something I read religiously (which, given Google Homepage, is a much weaker statement than it used to be). I've seen blogrolls that have hundreds of links to blogs whose names start to seem awfully similar, and which sound like they cover mostly the same content -- so, more of a "recommended reading" list than a reflection of what the blogger actually reads on a regular basis.

Eventually, I'll flesh it out into a proper blogroll, but for now, I'm not experienced enough to evaluate a blog without following it for quite a while.

Edit: Also, I would have included my brother over at Mage's Plane, but he's just gotten started, so I'll give him a little time to build up steam. Right now what he gets is a tongue-in-cheek for using the same Blogger template as me, right down to the color choice. *shrug* Yes, this is a very common template.


  1. What can I say? The colors are and orange and white = squee!

  2. Oh, some suggestions for the blogroll:
    I Can Has Cheezburger?
    Lolcat Bible is a translation into Lolcat. Bonus points for guessing who God is before you link.
    LOLcode Forums is the de facto home of a new programming language. Based on kitty pidgin. Hai world!

  3. FWIW, those aren't the kind of thing I'd put in the blogroll, however hilarious and worth perusing they certainly are.

  4. Also: ceiling cat. A bit too obvious, methinks (cf. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW???) but nonetheless, hee. Although the lolcatspeak of the lolBible is lol'd beyond the point of taste (and readability).

  5. Maaaa. So much to read. Just read Paul's MIT Admissions blog... this guy can write. Are you friends? He is also a Medlink.

    Cat I