Saturday, March 6, 2010

To see the beauty of a paper towel, and the world in an empty dewar

If you ever work in a bio lab, you'll find that often the closest piece of paper to hand is a paper towel, and the closest pen to hand is a sharpie or lab marker. Predictably, a lot of scientific note-taking happens on paper towels. I know I've done my share of calculations on paper towels, and I've heard of some students keeping their notebook as a stack of scribbled-on paper towels. (Shame!)

And then I walk down the infinite corridor and see something like this:

Figure 1: Yes, Anonymous Lab Worker, someone appreciates your calligraphy. I love it when people do a little to make the world a weirder and more beautiful place. (Click to embiggen; the handwriting actually looks a lot better in high resolution.)

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