Friday, August 15, 2008

New Look & Feel!

So I changed the blog template.

The main thing that bothered me about the old template was that the main text column, the most important part, was of fixed width. Which is annoying if you have a wide monitor. With this new template, go ahead and change the width of your browser window, and the Dendritic Arbor will change right along with you. We strive to provide a customizable reader experience. We strive to be adaptable, plastic, and dynamic, like actual dendritic arbors.

(It also bothered me that approximately 80,000,000,000 other people are using the old template. Then again, this is Blogger, what was I expecting, hmm?)

I chose this particular theme via the complex and deliberate heuristic of seeing which one looked the most like the one Larry Moran picked for Sandwalk. I've been reading his series on protein structure and admiring Sandwalk's look-and-feel. I guess this is the exact same theme as Sandwalk has, just with different colors.

By the way, the protein structure series is excellent and here are links to all its items. There isn't really a 'best' order to read them in, but I've put them in an order that sort of makes sense.

Evolution and Variation in Folded Proteins
Levels of Protein Structure
The Alpha Helix
Beta Strands and Beta Sheets
Loops and Turns
Examples of Protein Structure

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