Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's get down to business

What can you expect to find here? I intend this blog to be a serious science blog, one that'll challenge me and have me writing at the top of my game, and hopefully one that will interest and inform you as well. Like I said earlier, take a spin through ScienceBlogs to see who I'm emulating.

I plan to mostly talk about science. This includes interesting new papers, random neat things I encounter in class, what I'm doing research-wise. I don't mean that this blog is supposed to be entirely Serious Business (tm), but I'm aiming for `mostly'.

The first several posts will probably just be reposts of the best content from my LiveJournal, the ones I feel deserve to be in a more serious context and not rubbing shoulders with "OMG this homework is so stressful, eek".

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